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DJ China's NDRC Approves Second Phase Of Jilin Wind Farm Proj
BEIJING (Dow Jones)--China Longyuan Electric Power Corp. has secured approval from China's economic planning agency for the second phase of a wind farm project in northeastern Jilin province. The Tongyu wind farm will have an installed capacity of 100.3 megawatts comprising 118 turbines capable of generating 850 kilowatts each, the National Development and Reform Commission said Thursday in a statement on its Web site.
A total of CNY845.91 million ($109 million) will be invested in the wind farm project, which has permission from the NDRC to operate for 25 years. -By David Winning, Dow Jones Newswires; 8610-65885848;

-Edited by George Bernard

Beijing to invest 16b yuan on wind power - pess
The mainland, the world's biggest energy consumer after the US, plans to invest 16 billion yuan this year to almost double its wind power generation. The country would increase its wind-power capacity this year to 4,300 megawatts from last year's 2,300 megawatts, said Li Junfeng, secretary-general of the Chinese Renewable Energy Industries Association. Adding every kilowatt would cost 8,000 yuan, he said.
The mainland plans to spend 1.5 trillion yuan in the 15 years to 2020 to increase the use of renewable resources and cut its reliance on coal and oil. The country wants sources such as sunlight, wind and water to account for 16% of energy supply by 2020.

The mainland would build new wind farms this year in Inner Mongolia, Jiangsu, Shangdong and other provinces in the northeastern region, Li said. <SCMP>

Installed capacity of wind power expected to top 5m kW next year
China's wind-generated electricity capacity is likely to top five million kilowatts next year ahead of the national development plan, two years sooner than expected. Wind power was developing rapidly and the installed capacity would reach four million kilowatts by the end of 2007, said Li Junfeng, secretary general of the China Association of Resource Comprehensive Utilization, at a forum on renewable energy that closed on Friday.
According to China's national development plan, the total installed capacity of wind power will reach five million kW by 2010 and 30 million kW by 2020.

The development and use of renewable energy had accelerated since the Renewable Energy Law of China came into effect early last year, he said.

New capacity increased 165 percent to 1.33 million kilowatts in 2006.

China is expected to overtake Germany and the United States to become the world's largest wind power producer by 2020, the 2006 Annual Report on China's New Energy Industry forecast.

Mitsubishi Heavy to lift wind turbine production capacity
TOKYO, April 11 Asia in Focus - MITSUBISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES LTD. (TSE:7011) said Tuesday that it will raise annual wind turbine production capacity to 1,200mw by 2009 from today's 400mw, a goal included in its plans to strengthen wind turbine operations. The firm will spend 3 billion yen (US$25.1 million) by 2008 to build a second plant at a joint venture in northern Mexico. * This plant will roll out 1,800 30- to 40-meter wind turbine blades a year.
* The heavy machinery manufacturer decided that it needs to boost Mexican output to meet demand in the U.S., the destination for more than 90 per cent of the blades.


Mitsubishi Heavy to lift annual wind turbine production capacity to 1,200mw by 2009 from today's 400mw

Offshore Wind Power Development a 'Natural' for China
China's CCID Consulting, a leading research, consulting and IT outsourcing service provider, and the first Chinese consulting firm listed in Hong Kong, today said the future for wind power generation in China is set to expand, particularly offshore wind power generation projects. According to CCID analyst Qiu Shiming, continuous breakthroughs in wind power generation technology have been made "and the economies of scale have become more apparent." Statistics show that between 1980 and 2005, the cost of wind power generation has dropped by over 90%, faster than that of the other forms of renewable energy.
As technologies improve, wind power generating units will be cheaper and more efficient, with CCID projecting that China will increase the percentage of homemade generating equipment. When 70% of the wind power generating units are homemade, their cost can be lowered by 15%. If all the wind power generating units are homemade, it may reduce costs by 30%.

CCID Consulting analyst Qiu Shiming added that offshore wind power generation is emerging in China and will become an important form of energy, noting that China's offshore wind energy resources are far greater than land wind energy resources. Available wind energy resources at a storage height of 10m exceed 700 million kW, and are also very close to the power load centers, making near-sea wind power generation technology a hotspot of research and applications in recent years, Shiming said.

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BOAO, China (XFN-ASIA) - CNOOC is looking for international partners to cooperate on offshore wind power generation projects as the company, China's largest offshore oil producer, looks to broaden its core business base, the firm's president Fu Chengyu said. Speaking at the Boao Forum for Asia, Fu predicted that offshore wind farms will become a prominent energy source for China over the next 10 to 20 years.
"We would like to work with countries from around the world on developing this," Fu said at the annual regional province in south China's Hainan province.

Western Europe is currently the main source of the world's 600 megawatts of annual offshore wind power, Fu noted.

He said that wind farms would be a valuable source of energy, while other alternative energy sources would also be studied as CNOOC looks to diversify from its core oil and gas business.

"We are following a diversification strategy. Right now, we have one core business, but in the future we hope to have three to five core businesses and that will include a focus on renewable energy," Fu said.

"We need to invest more in the research of new, renewable energy sources. Investment today will pay off at some point in the future," he added.
ALTERNATIVE & CLEAN ENERGY: Greater China News Review April 11-20, 2007, PART 1 of 5
WIND POWER GENERATION China's wind power generating capacity is likely to top 5,000 MW in 2008, two years earlier than expected, Li Junfeng, secretary general of the China Association of Resource Comprehensive Utilisation, said.

The cost of offshore wind installations is 60 pct higher than the cost of onshore ones, but offshore installations generate 50 pct more electricity, CCID Consulting said in a report on China.


The Shiwenzi and Daimagou wind farms that are being built at Muleng city, in Heilongjiang province, northeastern China, will be able to start selling electricity to the grid in the first half year of 2007. The two wind farms have a combined installed capacity of 94.5 MW.


China's Guangzhou Development Industry (Holding) Co Ltd will invest 1.2 bln Chinese yuan ($155 mln/114 mln euro) in building a 120 MW wind farm in Huidong county, Guangdong province, southern China.


The authorities of Hebei province, northern China, plan to put into operation a wind farm in Haixing county by August 2007. This will bring the province's installed wind power generating capacity to 1,000 MW, making it first in China.


Japanese companies Sumitomo Corp and Kyushu Electric Power Co, and Chinese utility China Datang Corp signed a cooperation agreement to develop clean energy in China, including building a wind farm of up to 40 turbines and a capacity of some 50 MW in Inner Mongolia region, northern China, by 2008. The companies will also cooperate in solar energy and biomass projects.


Qinghai New Energy Research Institute will set up a 150 MW wind farm east of Qinghai Lake, in western China.

Source: AII Data Processing Ltd. (DD/GI/DD)

2007, PART 2 of 5
WIND POWER EQUIPMENT U.S. composite structures maker TPI Composites Inc will supply wind turbine blades to GE Energy from its planned production facility at Taicang, eastern China. The new facility will begin production in early 2008.

India's largest wind energy equipment maker Suzlon Energy Ltd launched production at its new 58,500 sq m plant in Tianjin, northern China, in April 2007.


Wind turbine making company Tianjin Eastern Steam Turbine Engineering Co Ltd was set up in Tianjin, northern China, on April 8, 2007 by Deyang Eastern Steam Turbine Engineering Technology Co Ltd and Tianjin Machinery & Electric Industry Holding Group Co.


Eastern China's Jiangsu province plans to develop a wind power equipment base over the next five years. Wind turbines of 1.5 MW and 2.0 MW are planned to be produced in the province in a two-year time frame.

India's Suzlon clinches biggest ever wind turbine contract
NEW DELHI (XFN-ASIA) - Suzlon Energy has clinched its single biggest contract to supply wind turbine capacity to a US wind power developer, the company said today. Suzlon Wind Energy Corp, a unit of Denmark-based Suzlon Energy A/S (SEAS), has signed a contract for 400 megawatts (MW) of wind turbine capacity with PPM Energy of Portland, Oregon, a statement said.
"This agreement is Suzlon's single largest contract for wind turbine capacity" so far, said Suzlon, ranked as the world's fifth leading wind turbine manufacturer with more than 6 pct of global market share.

Suzlon gave no financial details of the deal.


M'bishi Heavy gets orders for 788 wind power generation systems.
TOKYO, May 30 Kyodo Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. said Wednesday it has landed massive orders from five U.S. power generation firms for a total of 788 wind turbine electricity generation systems.
It is the first time that Mitsubishi Heavy has received such a large quantity of orders within such a short period, the heavy machinery maker said.

Although Mitsubishi Heavy failed to reveal the combined value of the orders, industry sources estimated it at more than 160 billion yen.

Mitsubishi Heavy said it expects to continue cashing in on the burgeoning demand for wind power generation systems from U.S. entities that have had their interest in the environmentally friendly generation systems stoked by the nation's preferential tax system for such equipment.

The systems ordered will be able to collectively generate 1,363.4 megawatts of power. The orders cover 411 units of wind turbines capable of generating 2.4 megawatts and 377 units of turbines capable of generating 1.0 megawatt, it added.

The 2.4-megawatt generator employs a rotor with a diameter of 92 meters and a blade length of up to 45 meters, it added.

Winds of change for China outfit
Player's new name and focus puts it at forefront of power industry HONG Kong Pharmaceutical is renaming itself China Wind Power Group to reflects its growing investment and focus on the mainland wind power industry.
The Virgin Islands

incorporated outfit is targeting three aspects of the business

equity in wind farms, design and engineering, and equipment manufacture.

The first of the company's joint venture wind power projects, at Changtu in Liaoning province, was built in 2006 and is now in operation.

Four more, two in Inner Mongolia and one each in Jilin and Liaoning province, are now being built and the company aims to finish two or three of these projects before the winter.

Another four new wind power projects and four expansion phases are planned for next year. All of the projects and their expansion phases are 50 megawatts in capacity as this is the limit local governments can approve, chief executive Liu Shunxing said.

Larger size wind farms would need the green light from Beijing, he added.

Each of the 50MW projects costs between $52.8 million to $59.5 million, which China Wind Power (CWP) said is typically financed by one-third equity and two-thirds loan, Shunxing said.

CWP is taking between a quarter and half-share in the proposed wind power, and its partners include local power companies and Asian-listed outfits, a source said.

The wind farms need to be operated by a Sino-foreign enterprise to obtain VAT rebates on equipment.

The project must also be controlled by a mainland Chinese partner holding at least a half-share to receive a Clean Development Mechanism (CDM).

A CDM gives a country the option of investing in emission-cutting measures in another land. The investor country can then use the emissions reductions from such projects to fulfill its own Kyoto commitments.

"Carbon credits are only given to Chinese companies," said the source, who added that CWP had pre-sold its carbon credits at

9 per tonne through to the end of 2012

when the Kyoto Protocol expires. He added: "Initially, we want to work with many companies as we are now at this [industry] but we will look to just two or three partners in future years."

These China wind power projects generate a rate of return on investment of more than 13%.

However, the company's strategy to maximise profits is being bolstered by four 100%-owned contractors that together offer everything from the feasibility study stage through engineering, procurement and construction to plant maintenance and operational support.

Jilin CCH Electricity Construction, the EPC contractor, is largely used on the company's joint venture projects although the firm has secured work for third party wind farms in China.

Meanwhile, CWP has ambitions for its maintenance company Beijing Guoai Wind Power which, it believes, has the potential to go global.

Between 70% and 75% of a wind farm project's cost is for hardware. This has led to CWP taking strategic equity stakes in two firms that build tower tubes and gear boxes respectively.

China is home to 5050 MW of wind power capacity with 3500 MW of the total at five sites in Inner Mongolia.

China Resources Power Invests in Hebei's Wind Farm Project
2007-7-26 (July. 26, 2007)- The agreement regarding the 148,500kW Wind Power Project at Yudaokou Pasture was recently signed, according to reports released by the Chengde Municipal Government. The project is funded by a wind energy development company under Hong Kong-based China Resources Power, involving an investment of US$ 195M. The wind power development projects in Chengde City's Weichang Manchu and Mongol Autonomous Counties will occupy an area of over 1,400sq.m, while the total capacity of the wind power projects will exceed 4 million kW. Upon completion of these projects, Weichang County will become China's largest wind power base. Weichang County is located in the northmost area of Hebei Province, and was evaluated as the region with the best wind energy quality in China by wind power experts from the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
Guizhou Changzheng Building Wind Power Generator Production Base
ZHONGSHN, August 29, SinoCast -- Guizhou Changzheng Electric Co., Ltd. (SHSE: 600112) kicks off the construction of a wind power generation equipment production base in Beihai, Guangxi Autonomous Region, with total investment of CNY 300 million. It is a signal that the company's wind power equipment manufacturing ability has come into a new era of industrialization, industry analysts say.
Wind power generation equipment base adopts the most advanced technology from Germany companies, with outstanding engineering talents from both parties.

In terms of the company schedule, main workshop of the base is expected to be completed by the end of 2007. After operation, the base will have annual sales of CNY 3 billion with a product portfolio of 200 sets of wind power generators with different capacities of 2.0MW, 2.5MW and 3.0MW.

In addition, the base is set to roll out first 2.5-megawatt direct-driving wind power generator in the second quarter of 2008, says Lars Andreasen, general manager of Yinhe Wind Power, which is a 70%-owned subsidiary of Changzheng Electric and holds all proprietary intellectual property rights of the wind power generator.

CLP TO SET UP 100.8 MW WIND FARM IN STATE (of Gujarat with an investment of $125 million)
CLP Group of Hong Kong, a leading power firm, plans to set up a 100.8 megawatt (MW) capacity wind farm `Samana' in Gujarat with an investment of $125 million in alliance with domestic turbine maker Enercon (India) Ltd. The work at the project site is likely to begin from Nov 2007. The project `Samana' will be executed in two phases of 50.4 MW each, of which phase I is likely to be completed by Jun 2008 and Phase II is scheduled for completion by Jan 2009. It involves construction of more than 126 wind turbines of 800 kilowatts capacity each.
China: 15 procent energie moet groen
Door Marije Vlaskamp

PEKING - China wil vijftien procent van haar energie in 2020 uit duurzame, niet vervuilende bronnen halen. Het westen moet wel ‘geduld’ hebben met het tempo waarin China, de grootste steenkoolgebruiker te wereld, de uitstoot van broeikasgassen reduceert.

Dat zei Chen Demin, onderminister van de Nationale Commissie voor Hervorming, belast met energievraagstukken, gisteren bij de presentatie van China’s duurzame energiestrategie.
Het plan komt - niet geheel toevallig - aan de voorvond van een economische top , de APEC, waar klimaatverandering en CO2 reductie hoog op de agenda staat. Aan de emissies van Co2 stelt China nog steeds geen grenzen, maar met de ontwikkeling van waterkrachtcentrales, biobrandstof en windmolenparken probeert China de internationale bezorgdheid over de vervuiling te sussen.

“Europa heeft beloofd 20 % van de energie uit duurzame bronnen te halen, wij zetten in op 15%. Ik zie geen enkel ander land ter wereld met een even ambitieus doel,” aldus Chen.
Hij pleitte voor begrip voor de Chinese omstandigheden, zoals het tekort aan landbouwgrond. Dat bemoeilijkt het verbouwen van gewassen voor bio-energie. “Als we mais voor bio-brandstof gebruiken zoals de Verenigde Staten, komt onze voedselvoorziening in gevaar,” zegt Chen. Nu al rijzen de prijzen van varkensvlees de pan uit, omdat de prijs van mais gestegen is. Mais is zowel grondstof voor biobrandstof, als veevoer. In 2020 moet biobrandstof 30 gigawatt aan energie opleveren.

De hoofdmoot van de schone energie komt van waterkrachtcentrales en dammen, waarmee bijna rivieren in China worden volgebouwd. China heeft een potentieel van 400 Gigawatt energie uit rivieren, wat in 2020 voor 90% wordt benut. Dammen zijn echter ook in China omstreden, omdat ze massale volksverhuizingen vereisen en het riviermilieu verstoren.
Windenergie staat in China in de kinderschoenen, en blijft in de toekomst bescheiden met 30 gigawatt. Dat komt door de hoge aanlegkosten en de niet bepaald moderne staat van het Chinese electriciteitsnet. Windparken zoals een eind dit jaar op te leveren park net buiten Peking, leveren ‘slechts’ voor 100.000 huishoudens stroom, maar de aanleg kost wel 52 miljoen euro.
A SUPER POWER IN THE MAKING (the Government of India has plans to increase the wind power capacity in India to 24,000 megawatts by 2012)
India has the potential to generate 45,000 megawatts (MW) of power from wind energy, according to estimates. In 2003, India was in the fifth position in wind power production in the world with generation of 1870 MW from wind energy. According to the latest data from the Government of India, the capacity has reached 7500 MW and India has moved up to the fourth place after Germany, the US and Spain. The government has plans to increase the wind power capacity in India to 24,000 MW (10 per cent of expected total capacity of 240000 MW in the power sector) by 2012. The World Watch Institute has described India as a new Wind Superpower in its report titled State of the World. The Government of India is offering 80 percent depreciation in the first year accompanied by a 10-year tax holiday as incentives for wind power projects.
China boosting wind power development
Xinhua News Agency
BEIJING - China's wind power industry will enter a booming period prior to 2010, said He Dexin, director-general of Chinese Wind Energy Association. He said that China's power installed capacity would reach 5,000 megawatts (MG) by the end of 2010. The fast development of power sector would lead wind power industry into fast track.
He predicted that China would be able to master the design and manufacturing technology of megawatt-grade wind power generating units in 2010-2020.

China's wind power installed capacity will reach 30,000 MG by 2020, and reach 100,000 MG by 2030.

Statistics show that China had 91 wind power plants with an installed capacity of 2,599 MG by the end of 2006. (XBW)

Wind turbine market promising in China
BEIJING, Feb.19 (Xinhua) – With the huge market demand at home and abroad and the sound policy environment, China’s wind turbine promises great prospects in the coming year, and experts have given the “recommended rating of investment. China’s enforcement of the Law on Renewable Energy has triggered off a large-scale development of wind energy.
According to a forecast made by the industry guild, China’s installed wind power capacity would increase by 2.40 million kW in 2007 to reach five million kW, fulfilling the target of five million kW wind power set by the National Development and Reform Commission ( NDRC) for 2010.

China’s demand for wind turbine was 43MW in 1999, and surged to 2, 407MW in 2007, rocketing 56 times in the eight years.

The demand is forecast to reach 3.61 million kW, 5.05 million kW and 6.57 million kW in 2008-2010, rising 50 percent, 40 percent and 30 percent year on year respectively.

The installed wind power capacity in China is forecast to reach 20. 24 million kW by 2010, and further up to 225 million kW by 2020.

The aggregate sales of wind turbine are predicted to reach 30 billion yuan by 2010, and increase to 180 billion yuan by 2020.

Currently, China’s average price of wind turbine units stands at 4,000 yuan per kW.

China WindPower To Form Wind Power Joint Venture With CLP
153 words
16 March 2009
Dow Jones International News
(c) 2009 Dow Jones & Company, Inc.
HONG KONG (Dow Jones)--China WindPower Group Ltd. (0182.HK) said late Monday it plans to set up a joint venture with CLP Holdings Ltd. (0002.HK) to develop wind power projects in China.

China WindPower said in a statement it plans to form an equally held joint venture, CLP-CWP Wind Power Investment Ltd., by selling a 50% interest in its unit China Wind Power Holdings Ltd. to CLP for HK$101.3 million.

The joint venture and its two affiliates, Fuxin Lianhe Wind Power Ltd. and Fuxin Shenhua Xiehe Wind Power Ltd., have the development rights for four wind farm projects in Liaoning province, the statement said.

The four projects have a total designed installed capacity of 999.5 megawatts, China WindPower said.

-By Yvonne Lee, Dow Jones Newswires; 852-2802-7002; [ 17-03-09 0106GMT ]

China investeert in windenergie
14 oktober 2010, 12:36 | ANP
MADRID (AFN) - De zoektocht van China naar duurzamere vormen van energie heeft de Spaanse producent van windturbines Gamesa drie nieuwe contracten opgeleverd. Dat maakte het bedrijf donderdag bekend, zonder financiële details te noemen.

Gamesa gaat drie Chinese energieleveranciers voorzien van 197 windturbines, met een gezamenlijke capaciteit van 251 megawatt. Het bedrijf, een van 's werelds grootste windturbineproducenten, verwacht de omzet in China in de komende drie jaar te kunnen verdubbelen. In 2013 wil Gamesa 30 procent van zijn verkopen realiseren in de op een na grootste economie ter wereld.

,,China biedt aanzienlijke kansen voor groei, door de omvang van de markt en de aandacht van de autoriteiten voor milieuproblemen'', aldus Gamesa. De Chinese regering wil dat hernieuwbare bronnen, zoals wind, over tien jaar in minstens 15 procent van de energiebehoefte van het land voorzien

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